What my amazing clients are saying...


Tara Tegtmeyer | Seattle, Washington

“Let me tell you about my day with Jacquelin Maylani! First of all... it all started with me asking Holistic Hustle how do I remove the middle man & start talking to my own spirit guides. She sent me to this beautiful Queen, who offers a full day of lessons on how to connect with your own intuition. The first half of the day was releasing old belief patterns, which I’m allll about right now. I had some major perspective shifts, including how I’ve been taught to think/feel about money. As well as understanding where some of the pains I still feel in my body are coming from (spirit trying to pass along messages! My weak hands are related to my grandmother, whom I’ve never met, trying to connect.) After lunch we dove into listening to my intuition, and did you know everyone can do this? Not only did I read cards & objects (correctly!), but I did a reading on Jacquelin’s Mom! You guys!!! Messages came through me for her?!! It was life changing. It was eye opening. I’m still processing my day & all of the power I (we all!) hold. But I’m so grateful for the investment I made in myself, the path that led me to this experience, and for giving myself the time & space to put the necessary work in to evolve into the woman I want to be. Thank you, Jacquelin, for sharing your incredible gift.”




Stockholm, Sweden

“Jacquelin is an incredibly gifted medium. I was a bit of a skeptic, but felt a huge pull to book a reading with her in September 2018. I’ve been to a few mediums before in my life and always left disappointed. Even though she read my life and my dreams for the future insanely accurate, I still did not fully believe some of things she told me and I wasn’t fully convinced. That changed just a month after our reading when things started happening and changing in my life, just as she had predicted. I knew then that she was the real deal. She has been such a blessing and support in my life since. If it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t have gotten through the past 6 months in my life as peacefully as I have. She could reassure me why things had to happened and helped me see the bigger picture. I’m so grateful she came into my life in just the right time. She is the person I turn to when I’m in need of spiritual and divine guidance.”


Michael miRAGLIA

Long Beach, California

"I was familiar with this practice prior to, however had no direct experience with it until now.  I’ve always been skeptical of practices like this in the past, considering they’re rather esoteric.  My life has gravitated towards these ideas and practices over the past couple of years and understanding ourselves and the connection humans have with this other world/dimension has certainly become of interest to me. Jacquelin and I began with a meditation.  You could feel a very positive energy in the room and I could tell, prior to her stating it afterwards, that she could feel there was something different within me that wasn’t there years prior when we had known each other. She mentioned my energy seemed different, more centered. Right away, Jacquelin began identifying things in my life that I was doing or would be doing in the future, and aspects of myself that came from past experiences that only someone who knew me very well (And she doesn’t) could’ve spoke of.  Whether it was my professional life, personal life, past relationships, she could more or less pinpoint things that had happened or touched on influences that I’ve had in the past that had affected me in some way.  She spoke of ways to mitigate some of these energy deficiencies and projected events that would happen that were related to endeavors I have already been or planned to work on.  The connection she was able to make with me and others that have been/are in my life was remarkable.  I’m happy we visited the other day and engaged in this practice.  It was insightful and enlightening.  I will absolutely return."


London, United Kingdom

"Had an amazing reading with Jacquelin last night! Straight after I felt a sense of calm and positivity and that I was on the right track to get to feeling like myself again. Getting confirmation of a lot of things on my mind, lately, has been a great help. Can't say enough great things! LOVE to you and thanks again :)"


Diana Hinek

Santa Monica, California

“I met Jacquelin and Michael during the birth of their baby, so I can say I had the honor of witnessing their amazing energy and loving kindness during one of the most vulnerable days of their lives. I felt a deep connection to them from the very moment I first met them and many will agree with me when I say that to know them is to love them.
Jacquelin came to my rescue few month after our first getting together, during a very emotional and harsh time in my life. When I needed spiritual guidance but above all emotional help in finding trust and connection with my Higher Good. I arrived to our meeting with a broken heart, Jacquelin invited me to sit down and listen to what the birds outside of her window had to say; slowly she guided me through the messages that were awaiting for me and helped me see beyond my fears and broken views about life. I left with a mended heart and spiritual tools that I still carry with me today, when emotions seem to overwhelm me at times. Jacquelin has the gift of love, compassion and generosity that goes beyond time and space.”



Gardena, California

"Jacquelin is such a wonderful woman! I have had many readings with her since 2016. I can honestly say that life has shifted so much since. I am grateful to have crossed paths with this beautiful soul who has been guiding me. She has helped me realized that I am medicine, I am powerful, and capable of stepping into my power. Being vulnerable and real with one self has honestly been key in my transformation and Jacquelin has been able to redirect me to self love, has been huge in my process of healing a broken heart. She is just so real, genuine and kind! Thank you for stepping into your power and sharing your beautiful gifts with the world, you out here shifting lives."


Chandler, Arizona

"Jacquelin and I have done many many sessions together all of which have changed my life. With a simple sit down of meditation together leading into the reading, She puts all of herself into FEELING the person, she takes the stresses, pains, excitement, and love as her own to provide full understanding and advice as needed. The energy of her is explosive and real. I could have not wished for a better healer to be in my life, the love and passion she has for life is addicting. I love you!" 



Torrance, California

"This past Sunday I had the pleasure of having an intuitive reading with Jacquelin. It was seriously beyond anything I thought it would be. She is so genuine and kind-hearted that any nervous excitement I felt beforehand quickly dissipated, and instead was met with warmth, care, and a real love for her clientele and what she does • To say she is just a psychic, is like saying yoga is just stretching. She gave me so much insight into myself and life in general, along with much needed confirmation that I would be okay to continue moving towards the things of which I feel passionate about. The feeling I've had since our meeting has been so positive, it's as if I feel like I'm just walking around radiating my own sunbeams out onto the world! Lol as cheesy as that sounds, there's really no other way to put it! I am so grateful for her time and knowledge, and would recommend her to anyone who would like to connect with a loved one who has passed, or who would just like some guidance in their lives. Jacquelin, thank you so much for everything! You have truly made such a positive impact on my life already, and I am so excited for this next part of my journey as a healing goddess! Thank you" 



Sydney, Australia

"Feeling infinitely blessed to have received a reading by the beautiful Jacquelin! She has been incredible in guiding me on the right spiritual path and has helped me to identify blockages inhibiting personal growth. Significant changes manifesting in positive change have taken place for me in my life after implementing the guidance I received from Jacquelin. She is a true empath who possesses a unique gift of being able to help one recognize and access their natural intuitive strength. The clarity and true sense of inner peace that has prevailed since my reading with her has been of immeasurable value to me. I couldn't recommend Jacquelin more highly. She is deeply committed, perceptive and genuinely does have people's best interests at heart."



Lawndale, California

"My first intuitive/medium reading with Jacquelin was very insightful and powerful for me. She was so spot on with what I was going through she also brought a message from my grandmother who I have always been connected with. I was skeptical when she told me I would be traveling in the near months because I was so broke and had no plan of traveling. A couple months later… I was 3 countries deep in central america for a span of 4 months. Ha! who knew ;) Thank you Jacquelin"



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"yooooooooo i've paid 250$ for an hour a session before and it doesn't come CLOSE to the accuracy, comfort, and relief I experience with Jacquelin. She is so giving with her gift, and has the ability to tap into thoughts I was thinking THE NIGHT BEFORE, validating and giving me 10x more confidence in myself and the path I've chosen. I like to see her as a very high-tech GPS. You're going to get wherever you're supposed to be in life, she just helps you get there faster. Happy-tear overload by the end of my session. Seriously connects with the spirit world effortlessly. If you're looking for anything described in their services, you are going to get 100% that I promise. Love you always. PS my session was in Skype and it made no difference to the ones I've had in person!"



Torrance, California

“Jacquelin did an intuitive reading on me in August of 2017 and again in October of 2018. I was very amazed that she was able to pick up on specific things in my life energy wise - she can really read energies or feel blockages very well...she had insight that can only come from a gift because she was able to ascertain certain details of people she had no conventional way of knowing. ( knowing the personification of individuals in my life and their kind of personality reflecting on me). I really do believe she has a gift and her session did help my life in the past year. Just last week I decided to come back because I was curious for a check-in reading. We were a little rushed but she still took the time and I believe she’s got a lot of positive energy and intentions. Thank you again, Natalie”



San Francisco, California

"Jacquelin has been absolutely wonderful in helping to guide me in the right spiritual path. Since the first reading, I have made drastic changes in my life, and I continue to see the positive energies that manifest from those changes. To say the reading was amazing is an understatement! I believe that she has the best intentions in mind and she makes you feel like you can trust whole-heartedly. Through the reading, I finally had the courage to let go of the negative energies that I was clinging to and allow new positive light into my life.You have restored my faith in intuitives again, and for that I am very grateful."



Northridge, California

"This is my second intuitive reading with Jacquelin and it was just as wonderful as
the first! I consider myself very blessed to have found someone who is so caring to
give me my readings. I trust her and know that what she says to me is said with the
utmost respect, love, and sincerity. I was truly feeling lost before my session with
Jacquelin tonight, but now I feel a peace and calm. Thank you for sharing your gifts
with us Jacquelin and for being so kind."



Hollywood, California

"Hi Jacquelin, I just want to say thank you so much for your services and for connecting me to my boy :). I have to say, I've had countless readings and yours by far was the most positive, inspiring and seemed like it really came from a truthful and honest place. I think that is rare and unique. I will be glad to send anyone your way as you are definitely a favorite of mine. If you have yelp I can leave a review as well. I know Amy will be seeing you soon. Again, much gratitude for Saturdays session. "



Torrance, California

"To anyone who is even slightly curious about what their future may hold, please reach out to Jacquelin. I went to see her during what is still part of a darker part of my life. I didn't have any expectations going in, but I will say I was a bit worried about what might be brought up. We meditated for a while, and after opening my eyes, what came after was jaw-dropping. She identified parts of my life that I have yet to tell my closest friends. She gave me tools to use to let go, and to higher my self-awareness and also happiness.  If you are looking for a guide, or are just curious, I would recommend her over and over. Jacquelin, I cannot thank you enough for continuing to guide me through the darker areas of my life and let me open my life up to new experiences that I would not have imagined possible."