Growing through the Dark night of my Soul is what brought me to become a Healer.

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Awarded "Healer of the Year" 2017   by Project Bring Me 2 Life | Cumberland, Maryland

Awarded "Healer of the Year" 2017

by Project Bring Me 2 Life | Cumberland, Maryland

My "story" is quite interesting. I went from a hardcore underground warehouse Raver, to being of Service to God through-out the decade of my 20's.

My journey began at 20 when I stepped into my first warehouse rave in downtown LA. I felt alive, I felt like I finally belonged somewhere. This went on until I turned 25. Raving was the stepping stone for my personal awakening. I was raving every weekend, wanting to feel something real, something intangible. It opened me up to loving the journey. I was in a relationship that was toxic during that time that truly made me look at myself and where I was headed, kind of like a midlife crises but maybe you can call it a quarter life crisis. Once I left that relationship, I began this "Positive" outlook on life journey that was going great but did not work out so well because I was not facing any of my demons. Fast forward to 25, I decided to move to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During that time I was going through a deep depression and even became suicidal. Towards the end of my journey in Amsterdam, I went to New Delhi, India for 1 month where I volunteered my time at an Orphanage/Slum School. Something about India changed my life. Being there made me realize that everything that I had gone through was for a purpose. My purpose was to help heal others.

When I returned to Amsterdam from India I quickly returned home to the United States. Once I got back, I dove into a deep healing journey for myself. As I was healing myself, and looking at all aspects of my life, I discovered my Mediumship & Psychic abilities. From that moment forward I have been healing myself, and being of service to God to help heal others.

I use my abilities to help others discover who they truly are, Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, and Abundance. The more I deeply go within to heal myself, the more profoundly I am able to heal my clients.

My intention with my readings is to help you remember who you truly are: Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, and Abundance.

I love you, abundant blessings to you. xoxo Jacquelin Maylani