Welcome! How may I be of service to you?

I am here to remind you of who you really are, and help you tune into your ABUNDANCE. I offer readings, group reading events, and mentorship for your healing and transformation. I have always felt I was a clear channel for a Higher Source to move through me to help heal others through readings and art. 


Choose how you would like to work with me:

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My Life Readings offer: 

1) I give guidance on your Past, Present, Future, & tap into any emotional blockages you may have. I help you to acknowledge the blocks, where they are rooted, how to heal them, and release them.

2) I connect with the Spirit World to bring forth your Loved Ones on the other side who have messages to give you.

Readings Available: In Person, at the Beach, Phone, Whatsapp or Skype

Readings are offered in Packages, please message me below to inquire about them. Thank you so much!

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Experience a FULL DAY OR WEEKEND of Healing and Transformation with me.

This is a ONE on ONE private IN-PERSON mentorship. We will dive into all the areas you would love to heal and transform (money, relationships, work, etc) to bring in more abundance, and tap deeper into using your intuition for everyday life!

YOU WILL LEAVE THIS DAY HAVING YOUR LIFE CHANGED! You will leave with tools to bring in more money, tools to create your DREAM BUSINESS and have your perspective on money, life, and relationships shifted and lifted! IF YOU’RE READY FOR THAT NEXT LEVEL OF YOUR LIFE, APPLY BELOW!


“Let me tell you about my day with Jacquelin Maylani! First of all... it all started with me asking Holistic Hustle how do I remove the middle man & start talking to my own spirit guides. She sent me to this beautiful Queen, who offers a full day of lessons on how to connect with your own intuition. The first half of the day was releasing old belief patterns, which I’m allll about right now. I had some major perspective shifts, including how I’ve been taught to think/feel about money. As well as understanding where some of the pains I still feel in my body are coming from (spirit trying to pass along messages! My weak hands are related to my grandmother, whom I’ve never met, trying to connect.) After lunch we dove into listening to my intuition, and did you know everyone can do this? Not only did I read cards & objects (correctly!), but I did a reading on Jacquelin’s Mom! You guys!!! Messages came through me for her?!! It was life changing. It was eye opening. I’m still processing my day & all of the power I (we all!) hold. But I’m so grateful for the investment I made in myself, the path that led me to this experience, and for giving myself the time & space to put the necessary work in to evolve into the woman I want to be. Thank you, Jacquelin, for sharing your incredible gift.”

- Tara Tegtmeyer | Seattle, Washington